DID 428VX X-Ring Motorcycle Chain

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DID 428VX X-Ring Chains

Premium Grade Motorcycle Chain


DID chains are one of the most well known chains in the industry, with a name synonymous with reliability and quality.  Available in a wide variety of lengths and strengths (yay for rhymes!), if you need a replacement for your bike's worn out crappy stock chain, it's practically a guarantee that DID has you covered.  They patented their X-ring seal technology which keeps grease in the chain, and can last twice as long or longer than a similar O-ring chain, 'cause we all know lube helps things last longer...  Ranging the gamut of strengths, DID's 428VX series is intended to suit bikes up to the 350cc engine displacement, making it their light duty chain of the VX pack.  They sport an average laboratory tensile strength of over 7,000 lbs. and have been proven to be one of the best in the business for rigidity, which of course aids in transmitting your HP directly to that back wheel, and thus reducing the parasitic drain related to chain-driven final drive systems.  What does all this technical-schmecnical BS mean?  Chain works, lasts a long time, sends as much of your engine's horsepower to the road as possible.  In other words, DID = Good Shit.

  • Rated for Motorcycles with an engine size of up to 350 cc
  • Intended primarily for street and dual-sport bikes...'course if ya know what your doing, put it on whatever the hell you want...  
  • Makes a super badass necklace if you're really gangsta; greasy though (and not really manufacturer recommended)
  • Rivet style master link included


DID chains are warranted against manufacturer defects only for 6 months from the date of purchase, or 10,000 miles, whichever occurs first.