Icon Alliance Dark Rubatone Helmet

Icon Alliance Dark Rubatone Helmet

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For our money, it's damn tough to beat the Icon Alliance Dark as the best and best looking affordable sport helmet available.  With a great venting and moisture wicking liner, and that sick matte black Rubatone colorway, this helmet is everything you'll need for your commute or tour, and it'll have you looking straight boss while you do it.  The Alliance is a long-running staple in the Icon lineup, garnering years of positive reviews from literally thousands of riders.  Whether as a spare for your pillions, or as your primary helmet, the price of the Alliance is almost laughably affordable for the quality of lid you get.  Invest just a mere Benny and a half in this ECE/DOT rated top and you'll know that you've got your most important asset covered.

See www.rideicon.com for details.