Icon Classic Face Shield

Icon Classic Face Shield

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Light shields, dark shields, Mirrored, oh my!  Pick a color, any color and stick it on your helmet!  Icon is a company that promotes individual expression, and as such, they put out a visor color for every fancy, to go along with the myriad of various graphics and colorways that they produce for each of their helmets.  With anti-fog coatings, and optically correct construction, their helmets are a fantastic product for the price.  Just make sure this shield fits your particular helmet!  We should be able to clear that up here:

  • These shields WILL FIT:  Icon Alliance SSR, Mainframe, and Domain Helmets.  If you have one of these, SCORE, you're in the right place!
  • These shields WILL NOT FIT:  Icon Variant Helmets.  If that's what you've got, you need the Icon Variant Face Shield; so click HERE.
  • These shields WILL NOT FIT:  Icon Airframe, Domain 2, Alliance, or Alliance GT Helmets.  If that's what you've got, you need the Icon Proshield Face Shield; so click HERE.
  • These shields WILL NOT FIT:  Icon Icon Airmada and Airframe Pro helmets.  If you've got one of those, you need the Icon Optics Face Shield; so click HERE.
See www.rideicon.com for details.