Icon Field Armor Stryker Elbow Guards

Icon Field Armor Stryker Elbow Guards

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Losing skin sucks.  Breaking bones sucks even worse.  Trust us on this.  If you've never been down, sit on your bike, and take a look at what pokes out; elbows and knees are like the frame sliders of the human body.  If you're looking to upgrade the meager protection that much of the available gear out there comes with, these guards keep those impact zones well protected, both from impact and abrasion.  With a moisture wicking padded layer underneath highly abrasion resistant exterior armor, these pads are built to be worn beneath most jackets, though they can be worn over a shirt, if that's your thing.  This also allows you to ride better protected in hotter climates where the full leather thing can be just excruciating.  

See www.rideicon.com for details.