Icon Stryker Vest Riding Armor, Women's

Icon Stryker Vest Riding Armor, Women's

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Any experienced rider knows that generally speaking, the more armor you wear, the better off you're likely to be on that one fateful day.  Icon knows this too, and designed this bombproof vest to augment other garments that usually come with woefully inadequate protection.  The vest can easily be worn under or over other garments (depending on how bionic you prefer to look on any given day), is available in various sizes and colors, is well vented to keep it comfy, and is one hell of an upgrade over the meager little padding that some protective gear comes with from the manufacturer.  For the price, you'd be hard pressed to find better protection.  

Manufacturers tend to take the approach of "shrink it and pink it" to appeal to female riders.  Icon did a great job of sculpting this vest to fit the female form, but we are going to call them out on not offering ladies the same color options they offer the guys (though of course they're not the only ones).  We hope you're reading Icon!

See www.rideicon.com for details.