Motul Chain Lube - Factory Line Racing

Motul Chain Lube - Factory Line Racing

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Ask your average rider how often they clean and lube their chain, and chances are, you'll hear a lie.  Despite being one of the best currently engineered methods of final drive on motorcycles, nobody argues that chains are a pain in the ass to maintain.  That said, you can make it both much easier and much less frequent with good quality chain maintenance products.  Ask your average well-informed rider what the best of the best is, and chances are, you'll hear the name Motul thrown around a lot more than once.  That's because Motul has done A TON of homework to produce the best compounds for cleaning and lubricating not only your chain, but the whole damn bike.  Those in the know go Motul.

If you flog your street bike, are a regular on the track, or prefer 'chain wax' style lubricants, then Motul Factory Line Racing chain lube is for you.  This stuff is magic, going on liquid and settling in to a white film that coats everything in a sticky silky buttery beautiful...shtuff that stays on your chain like white on...well, a chain.  Be sure to give it a chance to dry before you ride, and you'll be lubed with the very best for the toughest challenges your street bike can possibly face.  Factory line is Motul's best line, which makes this stuff the best of the best.

  • Comes in a 9.3oz pressurized bottle so you know you'll have loads of chain cleans before it's time for another batch
  • Coats the surface of your chain to prevent corrosion, and oils moving parts to extend your chain's life and reduce friction
  • Use after Motul Chain Clean for a full maintenance system
  • It's Motul, dude.  Duh.  It's the best of the best.