Rear Tires

  • Michelin Road 5 Rear Tire

    Michelin Road 5 Tires Building upon the success of the Pilot Road 4, the 5th generation of the popular Road series drops the "Pilot" prefix and takes on more of an all-purpose approach to an all weather sport and sport touring tire. In wet conditions,...

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  • Metzeler Sportec M7 Rear Motorcycle Tire

    SPORTEC M7 RR is engineered to empower true riders with a sporty riding style, using their motorcycles in all conditions, weather and temperature. SPORTEC M7 RR derives from our experience in Road Racing activities including the “Isle of Man...

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  • Shinko 009 Raven Rear Motorcycle Tires at GP Bikes


    Shinko 009 Raven Rear Motorcycle Tire

    Shinko 009 Raven Rear Motorcycle Tire   An excellent choice for the budget minded street rider, the 009 Raven from Shinko offers a lot of performance for the price.  While it may not play in the same arena as tires twice its price, the...

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