Shinko 009 Raven Rear Motorcycle Tire

Shinko 009 Raven Rear Motorcycle Tire

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Shinko 009 Raven

Rear Motorcycle Tire


An excellent choice for the budget minded street rider, the 009 Raven from Shinko offers a lot of performance for the price.  While it may not play in the same arena as tires twice its price, the Raven is still widely touted by riders as an exceptional value.  Its tread does a good job of shedding water on those rainy days,  the aramid-belted radial construction sticks you to the pavement for those aggressive carving sessions, and the Raven is regularly reported by riders to consistently turn in surprisingly great mileage numbers (it's not uncommon to hear reports in excess of 10K!  YMMV, of course...).  All that awesome for around the $100 mark.  Any surprise they're so popular?


The Raven radial was specifically designed for long life. The Raven provides superior riding comfort while its tread compound gives high grip on both wet and dry roads.

Features include:

  • Highest tread life of Shinko sport-performance radials
  • W speed rated (168 mph)
  • Aramid belted
  • DOT approved