Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

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The latest generation in the most prestigious pedigree of premium full-face motorcycle helmets, the RF-1200, like its many RF predecessors before it, is the new pinnacle of helmet performance and technology. A lighter, more compact and streamlined helmet with next-level functionality, SHOEI's RF-1200 rules every aspect of the road, and then some. But don’t just take the critics' rave reviews for face value; it’s your turn to experience the excitement of riding in an RF-1200.  Solids of course are great for those who don't like the loud graphics perpetuated in the sportbike world; svelte, safe, and ridiculously comfortable.

  • One of the most popular helmets in our inventory for good reason.  Great value to quality ratio, in a helmet that protects hundreds of thousands of heads across America.
  • Five year manufacturer warranty against manufacturer defects!
  • Aerodynamically exceptional; extensively wind-tunnel tuned to reduce buffeting...cause being a bobblehead is way less fun than having a bobblehead
  • Emergency removable cheekpads; for that day we hope never comes.  Helps EMS get your helmet off without moving your neck and head, thus preventing further injury after a crash.
  • Loads of different solid colorways to help you match up just the way you like.
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